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In This Issue: April 2009

Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Gil & Monica Morley & Elena Murillo
6702 Spring Cove CT NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
phone 294-4866

Meeting at 6:30pm

Speaker Jackie Allsup - “Koi Disease”
Bring your questions...

Saturday, April 25, 2009
Gil & Monica Morley & Elena Murillo
6702 Spring Cove CT NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
phone 294-4866

Dinner on us, ONLY bring your “Appetite” - 6:00 pm
Speaker 7:00 pm

Ellen Skripsky/Master Gardner - “Companion Gardening and Organic Gardening using compost, flowers and herbs that repel bugs”

Bring your chairs
Meeting in garage

March 28, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 6:50 pm by President, Monica Morley at the home of Roy and Deb Gaddis. 21 members were present.

Bob Geers announced the “Silent Auction” . He explained the rules and displayed the item: 36 watt UV Clarifyer - $265 value.

Monica thanked Roy & Deb for hosting the meeting. Roy spoke a bit about their pond. It was already in place when they purchasedthe house. His first thought was to fill it in, but decided not to & they have had good luck in spite of being “pond deficient” as Roy put it. The pond was put in by Prairie Creek.

Monica introduced new members: Connie & Ed Railsback. Ed said their pond was put in last fall. They have 3 koi and goldfish which have all made it through the winter. The pond is 2000 gallon and measures 10’ x 14’ with a beach area.

Minutes for previous meeting were approved.

Treasure’s Report: Checking $988.54 & Saving $2025.34 = $3013.88 (Report given by Monica.)

Old Business: Monica reminded group that membership renewal is due April 1.

Committee Reports:

Cookbook: Budget $1075.00 ($275 paid ads, $200 donations, $600 club funds) Est Cost $1003.67 ($868.84 printing, $134.83 materials)

Profit: $1632 - If 200 cookbooks sold for $12 = $2400 less sales tax & club funds

We will print 200 cookbooks. Marketing and selling of cookbooks is a club effort. A “proof” copy of the cookbook was passed around with advance order sheets. (Report given by Maria Hamilton.)

Program: Few spots still open. Greg Bickal will speak on spawning and caring for baby fish. Master Gardners have been contacted and other topics are bonsai, photography, lighting. (Report given by Monica.)

Pond Tour: Currently have tentative ponds at the following homes: Robert Meikle, Larry & Erma Thompson, Roy and Deb Gaddis, Karen & Dave Frieden, Ed & Connie Railsback. Deb Gaddis will contact Jackie about the Lotus pond at McBride. (Report given by Monica.)

Plant Sale/Vendor at Pond Tour: Will be set up at the Thompson’s, along with the vendor sale. So far we have the Gourd Society, Betty Mum (clay leave forms), Erma Thompson (embroidery items) and Emily Quint ( homemade candies). If you know anyone else interested in being a vendor, please contact Monica. People attending plant sale were interested in water lilies, water lettuce, water hyacinth & perennials. Please keep the sale in mind when dividing plants. (Report by Monica.)

Commercial Relations: Suntara has been very generous. However, seems like receiving donations has been a bit slower this year. Reminder to please send in the “ thank you” notes. (Report given by Bob Geers.)

New Business:

Monica passed out handouts on Koi, receiv ed at the San Diego Koi Show. She also provided handouts on Perennials prepared by Master Gardener, Deb Walser.

Monica mentioned a program from Taro Kodama. Each month he will have different Koi available at $99 each plus shipping of $95.00. If you order 7 you get free shipping. Check is website for offerings www.kodamakoifarm.com.

Barb Roberson has a 10‘x7’ pond screen for sale - $100. Contact 319-283-5133.

Deb Gaddis spoke about pond insurance. She visited sev eral web sites and chat rooms. Found that you would have to go through a specialty insurance and expect high premiums. In the past, the Gaddis’ had a problem with a multitude of deer, but has found since the bow deer hunt at McBride was started in 2005, the deer visiting their area has been diminished greatly. Deb mentioned the lotus area at McBride is in full bloom in July and worth a visit.

Dave Bell conducted the 3P’s segment of the meeting.

Prizes were distributed and Bob mentioned the next Silent Auction would be for a 1900 gallon/hr pump, donated by the eastside Earl May ($170 value.)

Monica thanked Bob and Stephanie for starting and handling the Silent Auction and also requesting products and storing them, a great job done by both of them.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Maria Hamilton.

From Across the Room...

Twenty-one members didn’t let the crazy Iowa weather— snow & rain— stop them Saturday night. Deb and Roy rolled out the red carpet for us die hard members.

We all looked through the window to take a quick peek at the pond. We could see the koi nestled together.

Deb and Roy cooked tasty BBQ and provided drinks, and the rest of us filled in with salads, deserts and appetizers. Everyone spread out in the Gaddis’s cozy beautiful home to enjoy good food, good drink, and good conversation. Deb and Roy introduced their newest family member “Sophie” a baby yellow lab. Sophie welcomed & kissed “licked” everyone, such a good little girl.

It was wonderful to see Tim and Linda Nolan and Clarence & Eileen Serbousek, and to meet new members Ed & Connie Railsback. Monica and Donovan visited about a bus trip to Minnesota September 12 for a Koi Show.

Many pre-orders were submitted for the cookbook, what a spectacular start.

After the meeting, we all did some last minute chit chat before heading home. Again, many thanks to Deb and Roy for opening their home with warm friendly hospitality to their ponding pals.

The Ultimate Koi, is a very helpful book that has all the info a beginner koi keeper would like to know.

One of our friends just raves about this book. We thought some of readers would really find this useful to study the origins and how to take care of koi.

Nigel the Crazy Koi Guy!

Coming Soon

One Of A Kind The Eastern Iowa Pond Society Cookbook

Truly a unique cookbook, including over 200 recipes from members, pictures of members’ ponds, pond tips, garden tips, and an assortment of pictures throughout the cookbook. Advertisements are also included for the water garden hobbyist.

All for the price of $12.00

Click to see the EIPS Cookbook cover.

The skin of Shusui is a strong blue when it is young. It gets weaker as it grows. In principle, the thicker the blue is, the better. The blue cannot help getting weaker as it grows. A mature Koi with high quality blue ground is more desirable. While most blue is getting weaker, the Hi is getting stronger. Sometimes, the Koi will grow into a beautiful Shusui like the one pictured. In general, as it becomes bigger the value increases. Try to raise Koi as big as possible.

Shusui (shoe’ swee) Doitsu Asagi, blue Koi with red on the belly and up the sides, clear white head with an indigo or black row of scales on either side of the dorsal fin, may have Motoaka and Hi in the dorsal fin.

Click to see a picture of a Shusui.

Permission from Mamoru Kodama
Book Kokugyo Vol. 1


Ichimatsu pattern (Checkered Pattern): The pattern of its tail section is very important for Nishikigoi. The tail section of this Koi is designed with “Ichimatsu pattern,” the most highly valued pattern of Shiro Utsuri. In addition to the beautiful design on its head and body, the Ichimatsu pattern of the tail section makes it the most excellent Koi among all the Shiro Utsuri.

White Skin: This Shiroji is the ultimate skin in the Nishikigoi world. This pure white skin flourished not only by its natural quality but also by the skills of the person raising the Koi. Water quality and food are important parts of the skill in keeping Shiroji from losing quality.

Te Zumi (Sumi on pectoral fins): Ideal Te Zumi starts from the body, covers about one third of the pectoral fins, and is round in shape. This is ideal for Shiro Utsuri, although a striped Sumi pattern is preferred in the case of Hi Utsuri. This Te Zumi is called “Motoguro.” Some Koi do not have Te Zumi, but as long as the total balance is good, it is a minor fault.

Hachiware: When on half of the head is white and the other half is black, the design is called “Hachiware.” This is an ideal face pattern for Shiro Utsuri and Showa Sanshoku. In the Koi, Hachiware becomes even more important when it is matched to the Odome. This occurs when the head and the tail section combines to create an Ichimatsu pattern. Perfection occurs when the same side of the head and tail are opposite colors. In other words, the right side of its head is white while the right side of the tail is black. The left side of its head is black, while the left side of the tail is white. When this occurs, any viewer can see and understand the importance of this balance.

Secret of Shiroji

As you spend additional years as a Koi hobbyist, you will gradually come to understand the beauty of Shiroji. At the beginning, we study Hi. Then, we study Sumi. And finally, we undertake the study of Shiroji. When you understand the real beauty and attractiveness of Shiroji, you can call yourself an advanced hobbyist. Koi with Hi patterns, such as Kohaku and Taisho Sanshoku, have a powerful ability to absorb red pigments (carotene.) We feed colorenhancing food to enhance Hi. Because of this, carotene accumulated in the fat layers of Shiroji and can result in turning the Shiroji reddish. Even though a Koi originally had high-quality, pure white skin, it is hard to keep its skin pure white. However, we do not feed color enhancing food, or any food containing carotene, to Shiro Utsuri. This is why the white skin of the Shiro Utsuri becomes purer white. It is important that we do not keep high quality Shiro Utsuri with Kohaku.

Odome-the line between the last color and Shiroji in the tail section

Motoguro-black at base of pectoral ins, ideally about 30% of the fin, should occur only in varieties originating from Karasugoi such as Showa Sanshoku, Shiro Utsuri, Kumonryu, Bei Kumonryu, Doitsu Showa and Doitsu Kin Showa, Kikokuryu.

Shiroji-white ground or background color

Click to see a picture of Utsurimono.

Permission from Mamoru Kodama author of Kokugyo Vol. Introduction of Nishikigoi

10% Discounts

See April’s Newsletter or the Commercial Supporters page.

In the Country Garden & Gifts
Iowa City Landscaping & Garden Center
Earl May, NE side only
Home & Garden Metal Art by A.J.
Koi Acres

For Sale: 10 by 7 foot pond screen. Constructed of treated lumber with side handles for placing. Asking $100. Please call 319-283-5133 if interested.

Barb Roberson

Tip from Koi USA

Before release, float sealed shipping bag in the pond or Q-Tank long enough to acclimate fish to pond water temp. Unseal bag and release fish.

Click for a Koi USA subscription form..

April Birthdays

Eileen Serbousek - April 17

If you would like your birthday printed in the newsletter, email us at mespringcove@aol.com or sign in with the Hospitality Committee: Elena Murillo or Gil Morley.

Due to Memorial Day Weekend...Meeting changed to May 30th

Due to Brucemore Event...meeting changed to Aug 29th

Join Us At...

In The Country Garden & Gifts
Mark your calendar to attend the following:

**April 18 – Succulent Gardens – (10:30 am) Fun & Easy to grow! Create your own care-free succulent garden! $40 per garden.

**April 25 – Carnivorous Bog Bowl Gardens - (10:30 am) Pitcher Plants, Venus Fly Traps, Sundews...Learn about these fascinating, bug eating plants and create your own mini bog bowl! $40 per garden.

May 9 & 10 – Spring in the Country Open House – (9 am – 5 pm) Celebrate spring with us and enjoy specials and discounts.

June 20 – Hosta & Dessert Social - (9 am – 5 pm) Mingle with fellow hosta lovers while having dessert in the hosta garden! Special hostas available, games, prizes, and hosta swap at 1 pm.

** Pre-registration required

See website or call for details on these and other events.


Coming on July 28th


  • Shades of Green
  • Miniatures around Pond and Garden
  • Koi
  • Winter Pond/Garden Scene

Must be your own pond/garden
4x6 size only
2 pics per category

Great Prizes
Pictures will go on our web site.

By Carolyn Weise


  1. I have always been described as stubborn
  2. People describe me as steadfast and thorough
  3. People say I am loving, caring, sharing
  4. I’m not that fond of people
  5. People say I can’t do enough for others
  6. People are amazed at my energy levels
  7. I tend to isolate, get bored easily
  8. I want to be noticed but have limited room for a pond
  9. People bring all the strays to me to take care of
  10. My vet bill is highest in the county

If you answered “yes” to three or more, you are a Koi kind of person!
If you answered “yes” to #7, maybe a water garden would be best.
If you answered “yes” to #8, try a turtle pond.

By Chris Moore
San Diego AKCA Seminar, 2009

Click to read the article.

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

Times determined by the Host/Hostess

Programs will be updated as available along with the times of the meetings.

April 9th (Thursday)
Gil & Monica Morley & Elena Murillo
Jackie Allsup - “Koi Disease”

April 25th (Saturday)
Gil & Monica Morley & Elena Murillo
Ellen Skripsky/Master Gardner

May 14th (Thursday)
Erma & Larry Thompson

May 30rd (Saturday)
Greg Bickal

June 11th (Thursday)
LouAnn & Larry Jayne

June 27th (Saturday)
Pre Pond Tour

July 12th (Sunday)
Pond Tour

July 25th (Saturday)
Elena Murillo/Gil & Monica Morley
4th Annual Photo Contest

August 13th (Thursday)
Cecy & Bob Bisenius

August 29nd (Saturday)
Jackie & Harry Allsup

September 10th (Thursday)
Lavonne & Dick Isard

September 26th (Saturday)
Pat & Wayne Beuter

October 24th (Saturday)

Recognition Night

Contact Monica mespringcove@aol.com or 294-4866 if you would like to host in October.

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