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August 2006 Newsletter
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In This Issue: August 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006
7:00 pm
Gary and Jo Hunerdosse
306 Red Fox Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Landscaping for Residential Areas with High Deer Population: Brian Hughes, from Smith-Massman Landscape and Design will discuss landscaping ideas for those who have deer problems.

From 1st Avenue E, Cedar Rapids, take Cottage Grove to 34th Street. Then right on 34th Street to Beaver Avenue. Left (east) on Beaver Avenue then left onto Indiandale Road, then left on Trailridge. Follow it around to Red Fox Road and turn left. 34th is also accessible from Mt. Vernon Road SE. OR from Mt. Vernon Road take East Post Road to Trailridge (bottom of the hill) then right onto Red Fox.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
4:00 pm
Robert and Roberta Ward
3313 Waveland Dr. NW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Linn County Master Gardeners Kevin Habel will be on hand to talk about planting Fall Bulbs. Kevin joined the Master Gardener program in 1992 and has been teaching garden classes since 1999. His experience includes two years as coordinator for the Kirkwood Fall Lawn and Landscape Clinic, four years as Master Gardener Steering Committee chair, and of course various speaking engagements. Kevin currently holds the status of Lifetime Master Gardener. Kevin lives in Swisher with his wife Ellen and their three children.

From I-380, Cedar Rapids, take Blairsferry, Collins Rd, 42nd Street or 32nd Streets to Edgewood Rd. Left onto Edgewood road. Cross the river and you will find Waveland Drive on the left between O avenue and F Avenue.

July 22, 2006 - This meeting was held at the home of Joyce & Carroll Jensen in Elk Run Heights. There were 16 members present.

We had a rainy start to our meeting with members racing to their cars for umbrellas! Monica opened the meeting by having Bob Geers explain how the cake/pie/cookie decorating contest was going to work. All goodies were numbered and he passed out ballots. We all checked out the yummy and fun desserts and then voted.

Monica gave a report from our Pond Tour:

* 566 tickets were sold $2,830
* Plant Sale $ 421
* Total $3251

Ending balance in our account is $5241.60. There are a few outstanding bills to pay.

Monica will put the results of the poll from the tour in the next newsletter. This was the info collected when selling tickets to find out where folks heard about our tour. We also discussed how the hand stamp worked. It worked out pretty well but with hot, sweaty hands, the stamps weren’t staying on the hands well. The Garden Railroad tour used orange wrist bands and we discussed that they might work better, and they are not very expensive. We also talked about how we felt half-day slots for the ticket takers worked. We thought it was a good idea, but we might want to start earlier to recruit help, as it takes more members. The possibility of a night tour was also brought up. Six new members signed up the day of the tour.

Tim Nolan reported that he enjoyed the tour day and all the questions asked. It seems the three big questions were: How deep, is it a liner & what size is the pump? Sharon Weiss remarked that the crowd seemed to flow well this year even though we had ten ponds on the tour. She noted that sometimes that many ponds means a long wait for people wanting to ask questions of the pond owners.

It was brought up how great the directions were this year, and that maybe they could be put on the website next year so people can plan their day in advance. Also, the members were very complimentary about our new Pond Tour signs. “Wonderful!” was one person’s opinion! It was noted that there were no complaints of “not enough signs!” this year.

Speaking of signs, we are still missing three. Could whoever has them bring them to the next meeting, or let the Nolan’s know @363-9408 and they would be happy to pick them up.

If anyone has lilies they need to divide and find homes for, as well as extra fish, please contact Linda Nolan. She has a list of some people from the tour that are just starting out and would be happy to help out with homes for your extra lilies and fish! Sharon Weiss also knows some folks that need lilies.

Monica introduced new members David & Wendy Kunkle and their son Derek. They live in Marion and have a 9,000 gal. pond. Welcome!

There was no old business to discuss. New Business: Monica has a new project. “I love my pond/garden hat contest” with great prizes! There are no limits what your pond/garden hat could be. It can be whimsical, extreme or anything you want it to be! The contest will be at the Sept. 23rd meeting. Hats are available at each meeting or you can use one of your own! A few members took a straw hat to start creating their hat!!

Dorothy Helms announced her grand daughter Sara Stevenson was crowned the Queen of the Benton Co. Fair. Congratulations!

Bob announced the winners of the cake/pie/cookie contest and the winners were:

Least Appealing – Monica Morley
Most Fishy Bob Geers
Best Bait – Elena Murillo
Most Slimy – Monica Morley
Most Rocky – Linda Nolan
Best Fish Food–Dorothy Helms
Best of Show – Maria Hamilton

All winners went home with a nice prize! Next was the door prizes and they were awarded to : Monica & Gil Morley, Mary Jensen, Sharon Weiss, Linda Nolan, Dave Kunkle, Joyce Jensen, Bob Geers, Elena Murillo and Tim Nolan. If you are paying attention here, you will have noticed that we gave away 17 prizes to a group of 16 people! Pretty good odds huh?!!

A big thanks to Kacy Novak for all her work in collecting so many great prizes this year!!!

The meeting was adjourned and we ate the contest entries with ice cream – YUMMO!

Notes submitted by Linda Nolan

Dear Experts:

Many of us that attended the Pond Expo 2006 enjoyed hearing Dr. Novak talk about his Anoxic Filtration System. He gave out lots of free CDs, which is really a book, that goes into great detail. I wonder how many of us who have viewed the CD, have been able to digest it all? And if anyone has viewed it, would they be interested in having a special meeting to discuss it in detail, until it makes sense to everyone. If we can really make everything clear, I think many would like to try it. Does a group discussion sound like a fun thing to do? I am sure it would not appeal to everyone in the club but I would hope enough people would be curious about it to try this!


If you are interested in discussing the Dr. Novak CD, contact Tim Nolan at nolans@mcleodusa.net so we can set up a date and time.

Do you have a ponding related question or problem or an answer to this question? With over 100 members, EIPS is a tremendous resource of information. Here is your chance to ask that burning question and get feedback from the "experts" in the club. Email your questions to olywon@indytel.com...we will print them in the newsletter. Replies will be included in the following month's issue of Beneath the Surface. This will work only if you submit questions AND if club members with ideas reply (email answers to olywon@indytel.com before the last meeting of each month)...

Space is limited so be concise in both questions and responses. Let's have some fun with this.

Excitement in the Water - 2006 AKCA Seminar
Buffalo, NY

June 22-25 was this year’s date for the Associated Koi Clubs of America’s (of which EIPS is a member) annual seminars. Harry and I have made 3 of these seminars over the last few years. They are kind of like our spring Expo was, only on a much grander scale. It too has a trade show, but the main attraction is the wonderful speakers it draws from all over the world.

We arrived in Buffalo on Thursday afternoon and I went straight to a wet lab taught by Dr. Eric Johnson, Dr Helen Roberts, and Dr. Victoria Burnley Vaughn. Doc Johnson began with a nice presentation on the 6 most common parasites and then we practiced scraping fish and using the microscope to try to find the little critters. Following that, we practiced putting fish to sleep and injection procedures using colored dies so we could see how a medication would disperse inside a fish. Then, proceeded to euthanize our fish and dissect them to help understand where parts were and how they looked inside the fish. (Not for the faint of heart)

Friday, began with a huge breakfast that featured guest speaker Dr. Tim Miller Morgan. Then, it was off to more classes that ranged from Koi Pond Maintenance with speaker Roddie Conrad to an excellent presentation on Cold Water Ponds and Diseases by Richard E. (REC) Carlson. (If you read any of the pond and fish web site chat rooms, these are all familiar names.) Friday ended with a special banquet for just the KHA’s (Koi Health Advisors) and their spouses.

Of course, there was the trade show going on that you could walk threw and generally talk to vendors about all the new products. There is always the beautiful fish. Our friends, the Kloubecs, had a booth and were showing off some of their great fish. For lunch everyone meets in a large ball room to sit at large round tables where you get to meet and visit with other pond people from all over the US. This may be my favorite part. We met wonderful couples from Tennessee and North Carolina, and Washington. They were there from everywhere and everyone is so very friendly.

Following Friday’s classes, we finally got to go site seeing. It was already late evening when we made our way up to the Niagra Falls area. We were too late to make the Maid of the Mist, a boat that goes out and gets you close to the falls, but we hung around to see them light up the falls at night. This was pretty cool. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, it was awesome to look at. The weather was great and walking around the big city, even at night, to look at its beautiful architecture was marvelous.

Saturday, was more classes all day and it all culminated with a huge banquet with 2 magnificent ice sculptures of large Koi. Sunday was the city wide pond tour. You get in large busses and they bus you around town to visit 6 ponds. Your trip includes a box lunch along the way at the city’s arboretum. It was a great way to end a fun filled 4 days.

Next year the Seminar is in Phoenix, I can hardly wait. The Grand Canyon (another wonder of the world) and Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous house are there to see. They truly are a great opportunity to learn from some of the best fish veterinarians, chemist, and experienced ponders in the world.

(As a reminder, for some EIPS members, I’ve been taking these ongoing classes in an effort to learn how to care for our Koi and goldfish friends. If you experience problems with your fish, I would be happy to talk to you about them. I certainly do not know all the answers, but may be someone to bounce your thoughts off of before consulting a real veterinarian. )….

KHA (Koi Health Advisor)

Jackie Allsup

Pond Tour 2006 has been packed up and put away for another year. Great weather, great crowds, GREAT ponds, and fantastic helpers made this an AWESOME EIPS Pond Tour.

OK, here is what you all what to know:

565 people attended
$2825 from admissions
Plus $421 from the plant sale.

That puts us over $3000 for the event! Yeeh ha!!

As the tour committee said all along, we should be proud to have been able to offer 10 ponds of such varied size, construction and landscaping. There was something for every interest level of the ponding hobby. Well done EIPS!

And the general membership should take a bow for getting the word out through their distribution of posters, hand flyers and generally talking it up to friends. Well done EIPS!

Let us not forget the volunteers who came through and allowed us to have all the ponds, plant sale and information booth manned with helpful, unsung heroes who sold tickets, gave directions, greeted visitors and repeatedly answered that question, “Is this your pond?” Well done EIPS!

And then the behind the scenes crew (not on the tour committee) that store the signs and wading pools (wading pools ??? Yes, 5 for the plant sale), purchased 50 new signs for EIPS, created the posters, tickets and maps, contacted local media outlets with press releases, donated plants for the sale, and made sure there was a packet at each pond with information and money. And to our treasurer who counted all of the cash and checks when all was said and done. Well done EIPS!

It was a lot of work but I think the smiling faces at The Pizza Ranch about 6 pm that day tells the tale; it was fun and it was worth it. Well done EIPS!

Just a quick note to say we have current membership lists available. If you would like a copy you can request one when you sign in at the meetings.

A BIG thank you to Linda Nolan. For being an outstanding volunteer handling two jobs. Taking the meetings minutes and handing out prizes with her husband Tim. Another BIG thank goes out to Bob and Stephanie Geers for the much appreciated time and creativity making the awards for the Cake Decorating Contest they were awesome.

Here is the Tally sheet report on the How you learned about Pond Tour:

150 Gazette
30 Penny Saver
28 Web Site
141 Other

Some of the "other" that were written:

Signs 4
Expo 2
Earl May 2
Radio 9
EIPS member 15
Master Gardener 2
Prairie Creek 1
Library 2
Culvers 4

To answer a question: The amount from the Expo was $3081.30 which includes 30 memberships new and renewed.


Sorry this newsletter is a bit abbreviated due to the need to get it published and mailed quickly after the Saturday meeting. But several people came through with interesting stuff in a timely matter.

But as always, to keep it easy to remember, lets just say the newsletter deadline is the Monday after the last meeting of the month. So if you are the member of the month or an officer or committee chairperson and need something in the newsletter, get it to me as soon as possible.

Thank you


TOUR Kloubec’s Fish Farms

1375 Baxter Road NW, Amana

Saturday, July 29th
12:30 pm sharp (No early birds)

RSVP only
RSVP to Carol Sindelar, fishlounge1@cs.com or 319-365-1839 by 10 pm Wednesday, July 26th.

There will be an optional luncheon $12.00 Japanese cuisine and grilled fish (this is to be an exceptional luncheon not to be missed)

The Kloubecs are inviting The Chicago MPKS and all Iowa pond societies to tour their Koi breeding farm. If weather permits, Kloubecs will show us how they sein the large ponds and other things we have always wanted to see.

Sorry they need your commitment early. If you plan to attend, contact Carol now to RSVP. Deadline is only a day or two away.

Kloubec’s Fish Farm is located west of Swisher. Take exit 10 from I-380. Then through Swisher on F-12. Continue and watch for their sign on the right side of the intersection with Baxter Road. Turn left (south) onto Baxter. It is less than a mile on gravel.

Missing in action

In all of the chaos and celebration after the pond tour, we are still short 3 of the new pond tour signs. If you collected the signs after the tour and were awaiting orders as to what to do with them. Please contact Tim Nolan at nolans@mcleodusa.net or 363-9408. Thanks.

Over Stocked !

If you know of anyone who needs pond fish I am over stocked and would like to give away a couple of dozen. If anyone would be coming this way (Tipton) they could give me a call at 563-886-1455 a couple of days in advance, so I could catch the tricky devils!. I have all comets, sizes range from 2 to 3 inches up to about 5 to 6 inches. Most are a solid gold red color but lots of gold and white, also several pure with yellow caps.

Happy ponding
Pat Morris


Monica Morley 2nd
Julie Thompson 3rd
Herman Michel 5th
Richard Miene 5th
Andi Quinn 13th
Alex Hovden 19th
Clarence Serbousek 21st
Yvonna Gericke 22nd

We would love to remember your birthday. If you have not submitted your birthday, please contact the Hospitality Committee. Elena & Gil / Hospitality Committee

Dennis Sindelar and Brady Lanham have a moment to enjoy the day before the start of the tour at the plant sale in the front yard of Tim & Linda Nolan’s. Carol Sindelar and Jackie Allsup prepare the plant sale.

Visitors enjoy the shade as they view Tim & Linda Nolan’s pond.

If you have photos from the Pond Tour and would enjoy sharing them with EIPS, please contact Carol at Fishlounge1@cs.com.

There are no limits what your pond/garden hat could be. It can be whimsical, extreme or anything you want it to be. Again your fellow ponders will vote on the best hat. I will have straw cowboy hats available free to anyone wanting to have some fun and get in touch with their creative inner self. You can decorate any style of hat you have from sun hats to baseball hats. There is only one catch if you take a cowboy hat you need to bring it back to enter it in the contest or donate $5.00 to the club.

The contest will be at the September 23rd meeting. Hats will be available at each meeting.

Prizes to the brave ones who wear them to the meeting!

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application


(Thurs) 14
Larry and Rita Tharp
338 Mayberry Dr. NW
Cedar Rapids
Program: Open Discussion on Pond Related Topics
Responsibility: Stephanie?

(Sat) 23
Murillo and Morleys
6207 Spring Cove St NE
Cedar Rapids
Jackie Allsup, Pond Fish and Their Care
Responsibility: Larry


(Sat) 21
Larry and Erma Thompson
131 Rosedale Rd SE
Cedar Rapids
Larry Thompson: Winterizing Your Pond
Responsibility: Larry


(Sat) 18
Pizza Village
Election of Officers

Agenda: Business Meeting: 30-40 minutes
Program: 30-45 minutes
Tour of host’s pond/water features: 40-60 minutes

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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