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December 2004 Newsletter
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In This Issue: December 2004

Our last 2004 meeting was called to order by president, Kacy Novak at the Pizza Ranch in Vinton. Despite this was the evening of the big Hawkeye/Wisconsin football game, I was amazed at the number of people there. Almost every chair was taken!

The minutes to the October meetings were approved as printed and a treasure’s report was given. We had tons to do and talk about. The final November meeting has become our “Elect officers, plan for next year, and recognize last year’s volunteers” meeting. So we had a long agenda. Kacy kept us on track so the meeting moved forward quickly. First on the agenda was to re-elect a new slate of officers. However, every officer currently serving the club has graciously agreed to do it all again for another year. So with this usually troublesome dilemma satisfied, it was voted to reelect everyone for a second or third term, depending on the person. Wow, thank you to everyone for volunteering your help again! That was too easy! Simply wonderful! We have a great bunch of people running the meetings. Be sure to thank them.

Next, we talked about the previously discussed club purchase of fertilizer tablets. These extra special tablets are a slow release, one application, fertilizer tablet for your pond plants. The more we order the cheaper they are. We need to get our order in early though. So, if you’re interested in acquiring some of these you need to contact Larry or Rita Tharp (396-3293 or tharp.larry@mcleodusa.com).

Treasure, Nancy Baldwin, sent a note saying that we had 21 new memberships this past year but that 33 previous members did not renew. Kacy suggested that we contact these 33 members to find out if there is something the club needs to do to re-attract these members, thus improving our meetings.

Carol Sindelar thanked Josh Spece for his continued work on our web site. Josh informs us that our site has averaged 182 unique visitor hits a month since our new web site was established 8 months ago. The highest month happened in July with 276 unique visitor hits. There have been 8918 pages or 1114 pages a month viewed from our web site. I’m thinking that’s wonderful! Thanks again, Josh for your great work.

Linn County Master Gardeners have asked if we’d be interested in putting up a booth at the Kirkwood Garden Fair on Feb. 19th. Carol said “sure”, so we’ll be looking for volunteers for that after the holidays. Call Carol if you’re interested.

Joe Olsen, 2004 Pond Tour chairman, read a letter to the membership from the Buchanan County Historical Society in Independence. They are seeking a donation from the pond tour proceeds to help landscape the area around the Lee Mansion in Independence. Barb Cassens read a letter from Hawkeye Tech thanking us for our previous scholarship. They have invited us to a banquet held in honor of such donators and have asked us to consider doing it again. Edna Rife also mentioned that Methwick Manor Care Facility in Cedar Rapids is seeking donations for a pond that Prairie Creek Landscaping is planning on putting in for them. The funds from the tour were discussed and it was decided to table the decision till February. We want to find out what our club’s operating cost are for the year and then base our donations on the balance in our accounts.

I, Jackie, mentioned that several members are going to be getting together this winter and having some advanced fish care meetings. If you’re interested please call me so I can get you on my “call when I know what we’re doing list.”

Kacy asked if there were any end of the year committee reports. Carol reported on behalf of the writing committee. She wanted to recognize and thank those that helped turn in their articles for our newsletter. It made the newsletter easier to write each month. And Carol does a wonderful job, doesn’t she? (I hope you don’t mind my occasionally adding my two cents to these other wise ho hum monthly minutes, because I know I do it all the time.)

Kacy then read through the list of different committees and their job description. She passed around sheets for members to sign up on. Committees include: Programs, Community Relations, Hospitality, Writing, Water Garden Tour, Publicity, and Recognition. Please be sure to sign up for at least one committee when you repay your dues for next year, if you didn’t sign up at the meeting. (Later that evening after we ate, the new committees met briefly to discuss new ideas for improvement and began to make plans for the future already.) It’s really refreshing to see ALL the members talking and planning for the club. This type of membership participation doesn’t happen in most clubs, I’m telling ya.)

Next, Ron Rife, on behalf of the Recognition committee, got up to make his speech to thank last year’s pond tour chairman, Joe Olsen, the officers, and those that held meeting at their homes. This past summer Ron and Edna made several cement walk way stones. They used rhubarb and hosta leaves to cast their shapes in the cement to make big and small stones to look like the leaves. Then, they painted them all. As Ron spoke about each person they were allowed to pick a stone to take home. Thanks Ron and Edna for going to all that work! They were truly beautiful.

Door prizes were drawn for, with me, husband Harry, and Clarence Serbousek being the lucky winners. Then, the Grand finale; the big door prize that we have all been signing up for at each meeting throughout the summer. This year’s grand prize was not one but two pumps with values of $72.00 and $108.00 and a great UV light with a value of $220.00!!! All for one lucky winner! And that lucky person…..(drum roll)…. Roberta Ward from Cedar Rapids! All of our door prizes for the year are donated to the club from vendors across the U.S. Be sure to write them thank yous, so that we may reap the rewards of their generosity next year.

After all this excitement, we even got to eat, for free! I’d like to think that wasn’t the reason why we had such a great turn out, but the food was yummy.

So that’s it for another year…It’s an old cliché, but I don’t know where the time goes to. Happy Holidays to everyone and I’ll look forward to seeing you all in February. Think pond for Xmas gifts. Lets see…saw a beautiful Tancho Kahaku Koi on the internet for sale, or maybe a UV light this year would help with that green water… diamonds? Baa humbug! …….

Jackie Allsup

The December issue of this newsletter is always a catch-up issue in that most of the issue is club business information. The next meeting is in February 2005 and will be announced via a postcard or a newsletter if we have enough articles and information to justify one.

As you will see, we have a great writing committee for this coming year, but I want to emphasis that ALL contributions are appreciated. If you get inspired to write an article or come across one in another club’s newsletter and they give reprint permission, we are thankful for the contribution. We are also on the lookout for small snippets of information, antidotes, clip art and photos. Help us make this newsletter great.

Page six is full of little tidbits but also some events that are coming up over the winter and early spring that you will want to get on your calendar, so check it out.

Also in this issue, as in all issues, is the membership form, with a blank page on the back so you can tear it out and send it in. Please take a moment to fill it out and renew your membership now before you forget. We hope you have gotten involved with EIPS and find it worthy of your membership. This will also keep the newsletter coming your way.

After you have sent in your renewal, remember to read page nine in the back of the newsletter. CIWGS a.k.a. The Des Moines Club (sorry CIWGA) and Reiman Gardens are having a Spring Symposium you might want to attend, dates and some details on page 9.

And finally, Merry Christmas to you all!

EIPS EDITOR — Carol Sindelar

It is the week of December 6th and the Marsh Marigolds are blooming in the pond. Right here in Iowa. Just illustrates how the temperatures have been spring like, cool days with light frost at night. Or it illustrates what happens when you don’t cut them back. The Marsh Marigolds have been taking advantage of the weather to do some blooming, thinking seeds. How unique!

In 2005 Roger Thurm has volunteered to put together a CD of a virtual pond tour of our 2005 pond tour. He will take pictures of all the ponds or use pictures that others have taken to put together and narrate our club’s CD. If you would like pictures of your pond on this CD, you are asked to mail them. Sorry he can not accept digital pictures over the internet. He uses Apple software and the quality is affected if he downloads the images. Be sure to label the pictures with your name and any information that you may want to have him narrate in about your pictures. Mail your pictures to Roger & Shirley Thurm 400 Donna St PO Box 177 Denver, IA 50622 or call 319-984-5369

At the November meeting members in attendance signed up to help out on committees. Following are those committees. But there is always room for more help. If you are interested in helping out a committee, just give the chairperson a call. * indicates chairperson.


*Bonnie Happal 232-4054

Joe & Mary Robinson 474-2236

Roger & Shirley Thurm 984-5369


*Kacy Novak 362-0487

Bonnie Happal 232-4054


*Monica Morley 294-4866

Gil Morley 2294-4866

Elena Murello 294-4866

Dorothy Helms 472-3158

Marilyn Oliver

Jackie Allsup 934-3665


No volunteers


* Harold & Barb Cassens 472-3178

Jackie Allsup 934-3665


* Herman Michels 366-1789

Susan Highshoe 373-0645

Joe Olsen 334-2709


*Robert Hollenbeck 849-1188

Jackie Allsup 934-3665


*Carol Sindelar 365-1839

Rita Tharp 396-3293

Roger Thompson 854-7229

Dennis Sindelar 365-1839

Tim Nolan 363-9408

Jackie Allsup 934-3665

As you can see, we are in need of some more members to help on the committees. The more helping hands the lighter the load. Some special needs include:

Community Service committee: A large part of this committee description is organization. Are you an organizer? This committee needs you.

Program committee: needs members from other geographic areas of the club to help find local speakers, especially Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Vinton areas.

Commercial Relations: Again members from other geographic areas of the club to visit local dealers. Just share your enthusiasm about the club.

Hospitality: All helping hands are welcome in this committee. They do a lot of stuff. Some one truly interested in promoting the library would be helpful.

Writing Committee: We have a good start here. Articles are appreciated from anyone within the club. Also, if you come across factoids about ponding, pass them along to the editor.

Publicity: Opps, no one volunteered here. Someone who is used to contacting the local newspapers would be helpful here.

Recognition committee: The fun part of this job is to attend meetings and keep a of list of “unusual” achievements that can be recognized each November. A few more helping hands needed here too.


  • works with the water garden tour committee to bring to the club membership ideas as to where to apply the proceeds from the tours.
  • see that money gets dispersed
  • in the case of a project that requires club participation, they will be responsible for organizing materials, getting volunteers, (does not mean they are responsible to do all the work involved) and carrying through with said project.


  • responsible for finding and organizing programs and speakers for meetings.
  • plans and organizes club activities, such as trips, club workshops, etc.


  • organizes and gets publicity for meetings and activities.
  • Works closely with Pond Tour group to get advertising everywhere.
  • develops and maintains our club informational brochures and sees that they get to the Commercial Relations committee for dispersal.


  • help write for and organize the newsletter
  • assist the editor.


  • welcoming new members
  • mentoring new members
  • Promote library
  • name tags and club membership cards
  • Generally help members realize the discounts and benefits to joining.


  • finding ponds and getting the tour organized
  • recruit volunteers to help at the ponds
  • establish times
  • print programs
  • coordinate and help with publicity.


  • responsible for making contact and maintaining our relationships with area retailers. (Letting them know we exist)
  • establish club discounts or promotional door prizes.
  • Distribute club information to dealers so they can give to customers.


  • sends thank you notes to presenters & business sponsors.
  • puts together year end recognition programs for officers and volunteers

PLEASE PICK ONE TO JOIN: The committees got a good start at the November meeting but there is still room for your participation on a committee. The committee member with an * by their name was chosen as the contact. Please contact that person to be involved in the committee of your choice. Or contact Kacy Novak.

Remember, EIPS runs on volunteers. Please consider serving on a committee. Many hands make for light work.

Club to purchase fertilizer tablets

EIPS is looking into purchasing some pond plant fertilizer tablets. These extra special tablets are a slow release, one application each summer, fertilizer tablet for your pond plants. The more we order the cheaper they are. We need to get our order in early though. So, if you’re interested in acquiring some of these you need to contact Larry or Rita Tharp ( 396-3293 or tharp.larry@mcleodusa.com).

Meeting locations for 2005

If you have a pond that EIPS has not visited and would like to host a meeting in 2005 please contact the Program Committee. They will be scheduling ponds for the summer and would like to visit new to us ponds in 2005.

Speakers welcome!

We have found that all good ponders seek out information where ever it may be. And because of this, they belong to other related organizations or know people of knowledge. The program committee is in search of speakers for 2005 meetings. If you know of someone who might be of interest to EIPS please contact the Program Committee.

A Quick Note for the writing committee

We all signed up for a month for which we will submit an article for the newsletter. It can be original or from another newsletter with permission. Below is a listing of our months. But remember, you are not limited to your month. We will appreciate all contributions. Large or small. Carol

February—Roger Thompson
March - Tim Nolan
April - Roger Thompson
May - Jackie Allsup
June - Tim Nolan
July - Dennis Sindelar
August - Jackie Allsup
September - Rita Tharp
October - Rita Tharp
November - Dennis Sindelar

Linn County Master Gardener’s Gardening Fair
February 19, 2005
Kirkwood Community College

EIPS has been invited to have a booth at the 2005 Gardening Fair this coming February. We will be handing out information about EIPS and chatting about ponding with folks attending the fair. If you are interested in helping out, call Carol Sindelar @ 365-1839 or e-mail at: Fishlounge1@cs.com.

Otherwise, we encourage members to watch for the sessions offered this year. The Master Gardeners have a history of wonderful presentations.

We’re Planning Something!

Several members would like to get together this winter and having some advanced fish care meetings. If you’re interested please call Jackie Allsup so she can get you on her “call when I know what we’re doing list.”

So if you are interested in more information about Koi keeping, this group might be offering what you are looking for; breeding Koi, genetics, pronouncing those Japanese names and more. And if you have some interests you would like addressed, contact them.

Date: Monday, March 14, 2005
Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Title: Water Gardening, Koi and Critters

Editor’s note: Information presented is from the Reiman Gardens publicity draft. Lunch and an afternoon break are included. The symposium will be in the Hughes Auditorium at Reiman Gardens. More information will be made available in the next CIWGA newsletter.

Explore the world of Koi and water gardening through the eyes of four experts from around the country. Learn how water gardening incorporates an international perspective in many ways. We'll start with the basic mechanics, then dive into plants that you can use from around the world, and, finally, learn how animals (both fish and insects) can add that extra dimension to your water garden. This symposium is generously sponsored by the Central Iowa Water Gardening Association.

Topics & Presenters:

"Pumps and Plumbing for Your Water Garden" & "Growies (marginal plants) for your Pond"

  • Deb Spencer, co-owner of The Water's Edge, Lawrence, Kansas. Being brought back to Iowa by popular demand, Deb is a pioneer in Midwest water gardening.

"Is it a Koi Pond, Water Garden, or Both?

  • In this session you will learn what is important when building a pond for Koi versus a traditional water garden. You will learn why Koi keepers often don't use rocks in their pond below water level and what is vital to keeping Koi happy and healthy whether the pond is a pure Koi pond or a Koi pond/water garden combination.
  • Tom Graham, sales and production manager of Koi USA and president of TC Publishing, Inc., San Diego County, California

"How to Identify a Good Quality Koi (Japanese, American and Israeli)"

  • Why do some Koi cost so much more than others? How does one determine a Koi's quality? In this session you will be introduced to the common traits of high quality Koi, and see what to look for when selecting the most popular varieties of Koi on the market today.
  • Tom Graham, sales and production manager of Koi USA and president of TC Publishing, Inc., San Diego County, California.
  • Tom Graham built his first small pond in the early 70's and has been an avid ponder ever since. For the past eleven years he has been the Sales and Production Manager for KOI USA Magazine and is President of TC Publishing, Inc. He is a past president of the Koi Club of San Diego as well as past Koi Show Chairman, and a club steering committee member for nearly twenty years. He is also a member of the Water Garden Society of Southern California, and past Board Member of the Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego.

"Lets Go To The Amazon; Home to the Victoria Water Lily"

  • Don Bryne, owner of Swannee Labs, Lake City, Florida. Don is a well-known water lily hybridizer and has led several expeditions to South America collecting Victoria seeds.

"Aquatic Insects in Your Pond Ecosystem"

  • Nathan Brockman, Butterfly Wing Curator, Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University

Reminder: If you have not paid your dues for the year, this will be the last newsletter you will be receiving.

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