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October 2005 Newsletter
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In This Issue: October 2005

Saturday, October 29, 2005
7:00 pm
Herman & Rosie's Haunter Garage
4297 Zeman Drive S.E.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


R.S.V.P. @ 366-1789 by Thursday 10/27/05

"Costume Contest"
(Awards will be given out for:)

1. Best Couple
2. Most Creative
3. Scariest
4. Funniest
5. Best Overall Costume

Please bring:

** an appetizer/snack or dessert to share.
** Your Chairs
** Everything else will be furnished.

You do not have to wear a costume, but you'll miss out on all the fun and games !!!!!

P.S. If you have heart problems, please let us know !!!!

Thursday, Sept. 8th

Our monthly Thursday meeting was called to order by president, Kacy Novak, at the home of Rita and Larry Tharp. Minutes were ok’d as printed and Nancy gave us a treasure’s report. Kacy again mentioned that we were still looking for someplace to spend our tour proceeds. Tim and Linda Nolan suggested the Raptor Center near Lake McBride was always looking for help and that it might be a worthy cause. It was also suggested to invest some of the money into some club equipment that members could share. Example: fish tubs, new signs for the pond tour, an easy up canopy for club displays, and/or pumps or other equipment that would come in handy for our members to occasionally use instead of having to purchase it. Both items where tabled until someone comes up with prices or more information.

Larry Tharp was asked to talk about his pond a little. The Tharps hand dug their pond with the help from their dogs. Its 3 ˝ feet deep. They have a very healthy lotus which has had several blooms this year. Their yard has an additional smaller pond, a water fountain, and numerous statues and plants. Larry shared with us the device he uses to keep a hole open during the winter months. His pond is home to many goldfish and Koi. They were gracious enough to have their pond on this year’s tour, which was much appreciated.

Rita fed us all some great BBQ sandwiches and chips. Thanks, Rita!

After the business portion of the meeting, everyone packed into the living room to watch a video about pond BUGS! It was a tape, Bobbie Hershey had from the Central Iowa Pond Club’s pond seminar. All bugs take a bad rap and this very interesting presentation put many myths to rest. It pointed out the good guys and the bad; made you feel like you needed to go right out and catch bugs to bring home to your pond!

Following the video, we drew for door prizes, with the lucky winners being; Sharon Weiss, Dennis Sindelar, Eileen Serbousek, and Linda Nolan.

Darkness is starting to come earlier these days and it was dark by the time we said our good-byes. Thank you to the Tharps for supper and being host and thanks to Bobbie Hershey for sharing her video, which if you missed it, will be in our club library.

Saturday, Sept. 24th.

Our monthly Saturday meeting was held at the home of Roberta and Robert Ward, of Cedar Rapids. President, Kacy Novak, called the meeting to order and began by inviting members to enjoy the great buffet that the Wards had put out for us to enjoy. All kinds of yummy food and a homemade banana cake that was “to die for”.

After we ate, Robert told us a little about their great pond. The Wards, along with their son, put in their 4300 gallon pond themselves. They hauled in the tons of fieldstone that surround the pond and did all the landscaping. The final result looks are very professional: clear water, healthy plants, and swarming fish. They originally had a gravel bottom, but found it too hard to maintain, so they took out the bottom gravel and now can use a Pond Vac II to keep it clean. The total net result is a beautiful backyard pond with enough noise from the multiple water falls to help muffle the traffic from Edgewood Road.

Kacy read the treasure’s report, next. She also announce that treasure, Nancy Baldwin, was absent as she was at her 40th wedding anniversary party. Kacy also mentioned that the Beuters had recently celebrated their 40th .

The membership talked briefly about the purchase of a pop-up canopy for club use and we voted to allow Kacy to make that purchase for the club. We also discussed perhaps using some of the tour proceeds to bring in a speaker. We decided that maybe a special committee should be formed at our November meeting to arrange for such a speaker or putting together another Expo, like we had several years ago.

Pam Moore explained a proposal for Charitable Giving that they and the Nolans have been putting together for club consideration. It provides for $750 to be donated to the Macbride Raptor rehabilitation facility and another $750 for a scholarship at Kirkwood Community College for the Veterinary/Animal Health program. It was decided to put the information in the newsletter for all to read and take a vote at the next meeting, so all interested parties would have a chance to vote.

Our presenter for the meeting was our very own Quinn Novak! Quinn did a great demonstration and informative talk on toads and toad houses. Did you know that all toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads? And that some toads can live to be 24 years old! And that they consume as many as 3000 bugs a month. That’s a lot of slugs if you’re a hosta person. Quinn showed us some fantastic and easy ways to make homes for our valuable guest. It was a fun presentation and Quinn did a great job.

We talked about winterizing gadgets we all use to keep our ponds open for the winter. Larry Tharp uses an “Ice Guard”, which uses a small pump to re-circulate pond water through a venturi, which picks up O2, and pumps it back into the pond. The Wards showed us a “Thermo Pond” which is a floating deicer that uses about 100 watts to run. I showed a picture of a simple inner tube and a 25 watt light bulb that I use. Kacy stands by the stock tank heater she uses and maintains it doesn’t use a lot of electricity as some people say.

And finally, we drew for door prizes. Monica Morley donated several food samples she had acquired from a vendor. So, we had lots of great stuff to give away. Lucky winners this week were: Robert Ward, Pat Beuter, Pam Moore, Elena Murillo, Quinn Novak, Kacy Novak, Ron Rife, Dennis Sindelar, and Clarence Serbousek. Woowee, that’s a lot of winners and free gifts!!

Respectfully submitted….Jackie Allsup

Newsletter deadlines:

The deadline for submission of items for the newsletter is the Monday after the final meeting of the month.

The editor needs:

** Future meeting information: If you are hosting a meeting, make sure the editor has: the time, correct address and directions, phone number and any special details the membership needs to know about the meeting; is it a pot luck, will food be served, what do we need to bring?

** Articles: Things that are happening in your pond, your experience, you opinion about a product you have tried, creative fiction around your pond… all of these topics make for interesting reading. As well as actual researched information about pond keeping.

** Artwork, photography, puzzles, original cartoons: All of these are appreciated for the newsletter. If you send something via e-mail, make sure the editor acknowledges receipt of it.

** My computer can read Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, Notebook, pdf, and both jpg and bitmap.

Contribute to the newsletter! Be a part of EIPS.

EIPS EDITOR — Carol Sindelar

EIPS has been involved with The Eastern Iowa Garden and Landscape Show at Brucemore in Cedar Rapids for about 3 years now. A year ago they were talking about the event being a semiannual event, every other year. Now, they are saying ANNUAL and BIGGER and BETTER. We are excited. The rumor is that for 2006 the Keynote speaker will be Michael Weishan host of IPBS’s Victory Garden!!

EIPS has set up a booth at this event to talk about the pond hobby and promote EIPS, giving out informational brochures and membership forms. Consider volunteering to help out August 2006. It is a great day for a great cause …. Ponding.

The Proposal:

Provide a charitable donation to the Macbride Raptor Project (MRP) with two components:

1. $750 contribution for the rehabilitation and/or sustainment of injured raptors
2. $750 scholarship for the Kirkwood Community College Veterinary Technician/Animal Health Technologies Program

What is the Macbride Raptor Project?

** MRP was founded in 1985 as the University of Iowa Raptor Rehabilitation Center

** In February of 1989 it became the Macbride Raptor Center, a jointly sponsored organization utilizing staff and facilities of both the University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College.

** In 1995, the name was changed to the Macbride Raptor Project

“MRP is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of Iowa's raptors and their natural habitats. We achieve our goals through the rehabilitation of sick and injured raptors, educational programs for the public, and field research of Iowa's native birds of prey.”

From the MRP website at www.macbrideraptorproject.org

Why should the Pond Society consider this proposal?

** Each year the Macbride Raptor Project receives approximately 150-200 patients. Most of these birds have been injured by cars or have been illegally shot or trapped. Initial treatment of the injured bird occurs at Kirkwood's Animal Health Technologies program with the help of veterinarians and trained staff, as well as students.

** Those birds that have a chance for recovery are transferred to the flight cage at the Macbride Nature and Recreation Area where they receive physical therapy directed by MRP staff and conducted by trained volunteers. About 40 percent make a full recovery.

** A raptor has an intensely wild and free spirit. To come to the aid of one of these birds is to give expression to a similar spirit within us.

** The rehabilitation work is symbolic of a deep concern for things wild and free. It is recognizing and taking responsibility for a small portion of the impact that we as humans have on the wildlife around us.

We urge our fellow members of the Eastern Iowa Pond Society to consider this proposal and approve a total donation of $1500 to this worthy cause.

To support The Old Creamery Nature Trail in Benton County

Delivered to your door the week of November 20 – 26, 2005

These are very nice wreaths made with fresh boughs by the Izaak Walton League in Vinton. Prices include ribbon and pine cones.

To order, complete the form below and mail to:

Nancy Baldwin
1105 E Avenue
Vinton, Iowa 52349

Order Form

The September 24th Meeting at the pond of Robert and Roberta Ward

Click for pictures!

A ‘Twit

Have you had a twit hanging out in your pond? According to Snapple’s “Real Fact” #431, a twit is the technical term for a pregnant goldfish. I would guess that means a goldfish with eggs. So maybe you have had a twit hanging around your pond.

Last spring after that late, killing frost the Sindelar’s planted a flat full of damaged impatiens among the rocks in the splash area of their waterfall. Just stuck the roots into the spaces between the rocks. NO dirt. Most were little nubs with only one or two leaves left. The black Taro was also about to die. They had wintered it indoors and it was sickly with only one leaf. Dennis tossed it into the rocks of the falls box, no pot, no dirt, thinking it would just die and be washed away. (he wouldn’t have to take care of it) Surprise, both of these plants had a wonderful summer in the full sun of the pond and the water of the falls. What a surprise.

Click for picture!

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

Note—this is a tentative schedule. That means don't keep it. Don’t go by it. Just read it now and enjoy what might be happening the rest of the summer. Then remember to read your newsletter each month to know what is really happening.

(Sat) October 29th Cedar Rapids
Hosts Herman & Rosey Michaels
4297 Zeman Dr SE, Cedar Rapids
Costumed Halloween Party

(Sat) November Vinton
Vinton Pizza Ranch 219 W 4th, Vinton
Awards Ceremony, Roger Thurm will be showing movies of the pond tour

Now remember, this is only tentative. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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