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In This Issue: September 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007
7 pm
Joe and Judy Olsen
2003 206th St
Independence, IA

At this time Joe is waiting for confirmation on a lighting consultant speaker. If the speaker is not available, Joe will lead the discussion on any questions you may have. He is very knowledgeable on the water garden hobby and has been a long-time member of the E.I.P.S.

Directions: Take Hwy 150 thru Independence to the north side of town. Turn east (right) on 13th St. NE and go 3 blocks to the stop sign which is 8th Ave NE. Left (north) on 8th Ave NE. Continue North for about one third of a mile (Road will become gravel and name changes to Kentucky) Road curves to the right (east) and look for the log home just past the curve.

If you have some extra time stop at the Heartland Acres Agribition Center. Weekday hrs 9 am—6pm and admission is $5.00.

Saturday, September 22, 2007
Monica & Gil Morley and Elena Murillo
6702 Spring Cove Ct
Cedar Rapids

5:00 – 5:30 Arrive and relax before dinner.
5:30 Dinner (bring your favorite dish to share)
Voting after dinner
6:45 Short Meeting
Koi Viewing & Photo Awards.

Bring your questions about getting ready for winter.

Come on, Give us your “Best Shot” See "From the Editor"


Kodama Koi Farm, Hawaii, has graciously donated to the club a full box of 6-8" Japanese Imported Koi. They want to introduce members to the quality that they believe only Japan can provide in Koi. (In hopes, of course, that we will contact them if you want more.) We've not yet figured out how we will distribute them to members. (Either open bidding or for a small donation to the club.) Freight charges are all that we need to cover. We are also, thinking about donating some to the Dubuque Arboretum, but have not finalized this yet. So, come to the meeting prepared to take a new pet home with you! Jackie Allsup

Directions: From Boyson Road turn on Rolling Creek then right on Spring Cove. From Council turn right on Ahearn, left on Creekside, right on Rolling Creek and left on Spring Cove Ct.

August 9th Meeting

Our regular Thursday night, monthly meeting was held at the home of our club co-presidents, Jo and Gary Hunerdosse of Cedar Rapids. Gary, called the meeting to order and began by asking the membership if they had all received their new 2007 membership cards. If you have not received yours and would like one, please contact Gary or Jo. They are good for discounts at some of the local nurseries.

Minutes were approved as written and there was no new updated treasurer’s report. Gary mentioned that the scholarship check had been written to Kirkwood and the pond tour produced 4 new memberships.

Gary slipped inside the house for a minute and then reappeared in a nice leather jacket, reminiscent of the 1950’s. He did this to remind people of the upcoming meeting at Rosie and Herman Michel’s. Their meeting to celebrate Herman’s birthday is to be a costume party with a 50’s theme. Everyone was reminded to dress up and get ready for a great party with food and drink provided by the Michels.

In new business, a sign-up sheet was passed around for the Brucemore Art and Landscape Show on August 25th. New announcements for fish were made. Calvin Birkey, 377-3594 has 7 baby goldfish of different colors that he wants to cull from his pond. If interested, call him. They could be free or for a small donation. John Bailey 360-1223 also has koi for sale, med-lg. 25.00 and up. AKCA also mailed all members a coupon good for one free sample of KOI Magazine. Gary passed these out as well for anyone interested.

In old business, Gary again tried to clear up some misunderstandings about the club’s use of tour funds. I think he is saying, sales tax must be paid on all proceeds collected from the tour if they are to be used for anything other than giving them away as donations. This includes not being able to use it for newsletters, food at meetings, or any club purchases of equipment. As a result, we’ll be investigating the plausibility of paying that tax so that the money can be freed up to use for club expenses if needed.

Gary asked new members, Kerry Shaner and Jeff Garner to introduce themselves. Welcome guys. Kerry and Jeff recently purchased a house with a pond already there. (Like so many people do.) They enjoyed our pond tour so much they decided to join.

Gary took a minute to tell us about his pond. They have been ponding since 2004. They dug their own pond with the help of a nephew. It has since matured to a beautiful pond that truly brings their back yard to life.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Master Gardener Ellen Sckipsy. She gave a timely talk about Garden Clean Up for Fall. (Yes, it’s getting that time already! Eek!) She spoke about things to do to put our garden to bed, transplanting in the fall, and planting bulbs in the fall for next year. Her talk was very informational and entertaining. She had tons of great handouts and tidbits of information. She had mentioned that now is the time to fertilize your grass. Larry Thompson pointed out that in Minnesota, places like Menards are prohibited in selling fertilizer with phosphorus in it as it gets into the lakes and streams and promotes green water. (Just like it will in your garden ponds if you are not careful and it washes in with the rain.)

Dick Isard had free XM Radio cloth bags to give everyone. He had some great pictures to share with the club of the train bridge he built himself for his pond. Door prizes were drawn for and handed out.

Respectfully submitted………Jackie Allsup

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Minutes ….. August 25th

Rosie and Herman Michel were the host of our Saturday monthly meeting. Rosie and Herman went all out to decorate their garage in the 50’s theme in celebration of Herman’s birthday. The party-like atmosphere almost overshadowed the beautiful pond located just outside the door. President, Gary Hunerdosse, began the meeting by talking about the planned progressive dinner/night pond tour. Gary sent around a sign up sheet and asked for volunteers to help host the event. It is planned to be September 29th and will include 4 sites. If you would like to host a segment of this special night time tour, please call Gary or Jo.

Pam Moore gave a treasure’s report. The annual $500.00 scholarship to Kirkwood has been mailed and the Aquascape magazine subscription for the Cedar Rapids Library has been renewed, leaving us a balance of $6519.00. There was some discussion on putting part of the balance of the money in a short-term CD. Rose Milden made a motion to buy a CD, but after discussion on stipulations on filing at the end of the year being a non profit, she withdrew her motion. It was suggested the club come up with a yearly budget, so as to determine how much money we could safely donate and not run short on operating funds.

Pam submitted several suggestions on additional donation ideas. It was voted on and approved to mail Kirkwood an additional “one time only” $500.00 scholarship, using the same requirements as the annual one. Also, voted and approved, was funding up to $1000.00 for pond improvements to the Frank Lloyd Wright visitor’s center pond. (EIPS built this pond several years ago) Sharon Weiss volunteered to purchase the materials and sell to the club “at cost” for these improvements. Also, approved for a $500.00 donation, were plantings for the Heartland Acres Agribusiness Center located in Independence, IA. Other ideas offered up as suggestions, but put on hold pending further investigation of implementation where: installing bike parking stands at some of the coffee shops in downtown Cedar Rapids along the bike trail, and possibly installing an informational sign along the ˝ acre lotus lake beside the Solon and Lake McBride bike trail.

Monica Morley addressed the club to inform members that we will be applying for a sales tax number and begin paying sales tax on all revenues other than membership fees. There is still lots of debate on which portion of these revenues we must pay sales tax on, and other members volunteered to help sort out all the complicated laws that might apply to the club and it’s donations to other non-profit organizations and educational facilities. (Kirkwood) It was voted and approved to rescind the dues increase that was voted on in July. Dues will stay at 10.00 a family. By paying sales tax on the pond tour proceeds, we should now be able to use those funds for club operational purposes. (newsletters, food after the tour, end of the year volunteer gifts, etc. )The vote was rescinded due to misunderstood information given at the July meeting on not being able to use proceeds from the pond tour for operational purposes.

After this very complicated and serious conversation, we got down to some serious fun. Did I tell you about our very special guest? Well, believe it or not, Elvis showed up to sing us (well, Herman) a couple songs! Rosie and Herman fed us a fantastic feast of maidrites and BBQ chicken and all the sides. Previously, we had all taken the time to secretly guess Herman’s birth weight. Monica had the closest guess. Herman was a whopping 11 lbs 7 oz at birth! There was also a costume contest for the best 50’s attire. Erma Thompson and Dave Bell won by a show of applause. This was followed by a Twisting dance contest. Gary Hunerdosse was chosen as the best twister on stage. Rosie then assembled a couple groups of people to do a pricing contest. She had several articles and asked members to guess the price of them in 1950’s. Wow, how things have gone up! There was also a bubble gum blowing contest and a hoola hoop contest. Rosie had several old-time give away prizes like Teaberry gum, candy (gum) cigarettes, and wax bottles filled with flavored juice. A DJ played music and members visited and laughed at each other. A special thank you to Rosie and Herman for all their hard work. It was fun and a great way to end the summer meetings.

Respectfully submitted…Jackie Allsup

By Josh Spece

Hosta ‘Raspberry Sorbet’

Following the theme from August, September brings along more Hosta varieties with great flower displays. One in particular stands out as possibly my favorite Hosta, as far as flowers go.

‘Raspberry Sorbet’ is a smaller plant that will reach about two feet in diameter. It is a rapid grower with very glossy, slightly twisted leaves with large waves along the margins. The plant looks great all season, but really stands out when it comes into bloom in late summer. Raspberry colored flower stems are in perfect proportion to the plant and hold a beautiful, bright bouquet of lavender flowers. If you think Hosta flowers are ugly, ‘Raspberry Sorbet’ will change your mind!

By Jackie Allsup

Once again, EIPS set up an informational table at the annual Brucemore Landscape and Art Fair held on August 25th. Fortunately, there was a break in the rain storms and the day turned out to be just beautiful. This is a wonderful late summer event that has people meandering threw the beautiful gardens there and browsing the many vendor booths full of garden plants and art. Many experienced ponders and want to be’s stopped by the booth to ask questions and pick up club information. Volunteers took turns wondering off to check out the grounds and speakers. As usual, it was easy to find volunteers. (Our club has always been good that way) I’d like to thank, Stephanie Geers, Erma Thompson, Monica Morley, Maria Hamilton, Jo Hunerdosse, Sharon Weiss, and husband Harry for their time and help. It’s always a fun event and of course the number one question is always, “How do I get rid of green water?” It’s good to know things never change. Next year, I’m printing a handout on the subject, so we can just hand them some helpful information. The title will be “Be very very patient!”

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Photo Contest
September 22nd

Here are the categories

People in the Garden
Flowers in the Garden
Best Overall Garden View
Most Unusal
Garden Statues
Fish and Frogs

Enter one or all categories
One picture per category

Pictures must be from your own home or a members.

Lot of prizes.

Prizes donated by: Monica & Gil Morley, Elena Murillo.

Lots of fun.

Size of picture

Label picture naming category and your name on back.

It’s ok to bring the pictures with you September 22nd

Do a little bragging give us your “BEST SHOT”

Take home a prize!!!

Need to be present to win...

Pictures will be shown on the web site


In The Country Garden & Gifts.

E.I.P.S. members receive a 10% discount. Must show your current membership card at time of purchase.

Doctor's Office

One day a man walks into a doctor's office with a frog on his head. The doctor in amazement jumps up and says: "Good grief, how on earth did you get that great ugly thing!"

The frog looks down and replies: "I dunno Doc, it started out as a little wart on my bottom!"

November Election time coming soon...

-Vice President

Prairie Creek Nursery

4100 Bowling Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


Stop in to see Shirley and Kevin at Prairie Creek Nursery

** Pond Supplies
** Design & Installation
** Aquatic Plants
** Japanese Koi & Goldfish
** Aerators & Fountains
** Gifts for the water gardener

September Birthdays

Greg Bickel - 9/11
Judy Olsen - 9/21
Linda Nolan - 9/29

If you would like your birthday printed in the newsletter, email us at mespringcove@aol.com or sign in with the Hospitality Committee: Elena Murillo or Gil Morley

Summitted by Monica Morley/Editor

Here is your chance “Tell us how you really feel”. Ask yourself, is your club worth 41 cents and 10 minutes of your time? I hope so. All members have been mailed a questionnaire with their September newsletter, no names needed or will be mentioned. Just fill it out and return it to Monica Morley, 6702 Spring Cove CT NE, Cedar Rapids IA 52402 by September 22nd. Feel free to bring it to the meeting.

There can’t be changes, if you don’t tell us what you want.

Something strange was in the air Saturday night at Rosie & Herman Michel’s home. As members, f riends and family gathered to celebrate Herman’s 60th birthday, a beautiful Cadi pulls up and who’s driving…….that’s right Elvis in the flesh to wish Herman a Happy Birthday!! Elvis started off what was one of the most memorable nights for a E.I.P.S. meeting. Of coarse Elvis spread his charm and serenaded Rosie. What a Lucky Lady……..

Rosie and Herman, thank you for your generosity in preparing a delicious meal for over 60 people to enjoy and having a DJ providing music. Rosie, you are a master at setting up games and contests and your generous donatation of prizes for everyone. You two give a new meaning to the word “Party”

Herman didn’t get a chance to talk about his pond Saturday night, but it has one of the most eye catching waterfalls. The pond has spectacular Koi. You know how the fisherman say I caught a fish that was “this big” well in Herman’s case his koi are “That Big”!!

Birthday Toast for you Herman…

You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake…. Bob Hope

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A letter was sent on behalf of the Kirkwood students to thank members of the Eastern Iowa Pond Society Inc. for the contribution of $500.00 to the Eastern Iowa Pond Society Scholarship Fund.

From Nancy Craig - Annual Giving Director

By Larry Thompson

The Thompson Pond

Continued from the August Newsletter...


1. 4’ pond cover height is not intrusive on our view of the woods and wildlife in the back yard.

2. The cost is lower than a commercial built greenhouse.

3. It is removable after every winter season.

4. It stabilizes water temperature over the winter and has prevented the pond from freezing in our Iowa climate.

5. It keeps leaves, debris and “critters” out of the pond during winter. We have herons, raccoons and mink in the neighborhood.

6. It is very sturdy, especially as compared to a hoop house and withstands heavy snow and ice very well with no problems thus far.

7. Elongates the season for the pond filtration system to run.

8. Shortens the winter time period for the Koi and thus reduces their stress, as compared to being under the ice for long periods of time.

9. The Koi are healthy and seem to be doing very well!


1. Depending upon the weather, it can extend the “Aeromonas Alley” due to the time period in the spring due to the warmer water. This can create the necessity for a few additional water changes depending on the weather. This is necessary to in order to reduce the aeromonas bacteria produced during the winter period when the good bacteria and beneficial microorganisms are dormant and the filters are turned off. Water changes are a good thing at all times, however. We have not had any losses during this time period.

2. Seems to be hard on the hibernating leopard frogs, as it must disrupt their natural hibernating cycle due to the warm air on sunny days. The air temperature inside the structure will reach 50-70 degrees on a sunny day. The frogs come out of hibernation, sit on the warm rocks and look for food, but there isn’t any. Bullfrogs are OK.

3. Algae growth starts early due to the warming water, thus requiring planning in order to determine when to start the filter system and monitor any growth condition that may require treatment. Note- We seem to be doing better this spring using Microbe Lift PL and Barley Straw Extract on a regular basis, better bottom drain flow and additional Kaldness in the Nexus filters.

4. Wind can be a problem unless you seal the structure as described above.

5. It is very low tech and looks very homemade, if appearance is important to you or your neighbors. Healthy fish are our highest priority, so it was not a major concern for us. Besides, it is covered with snow a lot of the time.

If you have questions contact Larry at etlarryt@yahoo.com

I went to Independence on business Thursday the 30th and stopped by the Historical Society. The club donated $805.00 in the past for landscaping around the mill area. Enjoy the pic’s...

Click for pictures!


Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

September 13
7pm Joe & Judy Olsen—Independence

September 22
5:30pm Gil & Monica Morley/Elena Murillo - Cedar Rapids
"Fall Bulbs” Master Gardener, Zora Ronan
Photo contest

October 27

November 17
Recognition & Election Night—T.B.D.

Agenda: Business Meeting: 30-40 minutes
Program: 30-45 minutes
Tour of host’s pond/water features: 40-60 minutes

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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