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In This Issue: September 2008

Saturday, September 13th
5:00 pm
Bob & Cecilia Bisenius
1028 Milstead DR
Hiawatha, IA

Join us for a Potluck with a Fiesta Flare...
Calling all cooks bring your best dish...
Voting for the Projects.

Directions: Take 380 North to Boyson. Turn left on Boyson. Turn left on N. 12th Ave. Turn left on Milstead.

Bring your chairs

Saturday, September 27th
5:30 pm for refreshments, meeting at 6:00 pm
Bob & Deb Kontz
2315 Linden Dr SE
Cedar Rapids, IA

Speaker Jamie Beyer

Directions: From First Avenue turn on Cottage Grove SE. Proceed to Forest Drive, turn right, proceed four blocks to Linden Dr and turn left. Park on Linden.

Park on Linden walk up drive.

Bring your chairs

August 14th

Our August 14th meeting was held at the home of Jo and Gary Hunerdosse of Cedar Rapids. The evening was threatening rain, so we moved inside. The Hunerdosse’s have a very beautiful pond, clear water and an abundance of water lettuce!

Monica began the meeting by introducing our guest speaker, Gene Frey. Gene is an area master gardener and gave the club an excellent talk on pruning trees and shrubs. If you happened to miss this meeting, he donated a copy of his presentation on CD to the club library, so you can still see his informative talk.

Following his talk, Monica thanked him and proceeded with the meeting. She passed around membership list, but reminded members the list can be accessed on the web site at any time. Monica introduced and welcomed new pond members, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meikle, of Cedar Rapids.

Minutes were approved as written in the previous newsletter.

In new business, Jeff Garner talked to the club about the up and coming “Under the Stars Progressive Dinner and Pond Tour”. The date has been set for Sept. 19th at 7:00pm. This is a strictly social evening which will include enjoying appetizers at the Thompson’s, dinner at Jeff and Kerry’s, and dessert at the Geer’s. Cost is just 10.00 per person, which will all go to flood relief. (OK, so Jeff did mention a possible additional nonmandatory donation of $30.00 to help them pay for the addition they put on their deck in preparing to host this event. LOL) He passed a sign up sheet, so they could get an approximate head count. This was a very enjoyable evening last year and we hope you all will try to attend.

In other business, Monica told the club how she and her family hosted Ken and Diane Houtman for a day. (Monica took a day off work to take the time to visit with a complete stranger about the EIPS!!-dedication beyond the call of duty, I think.) Ken is the current president of the Great Ponds & Koi Society of West Michigan. They were visiting a daughter here and emailed to see if we had someone available to meet with and show them around a little. She reported they had a great visit and also went out to Larry and Erma’s house to view their pond. (I, Jackie, got a very nice thank you email from them, telling me how nice everyone treated them. Seems every month, I’m thanking Monica for doing things behind the scenes for the EIPS, just thought members need to know this, too. We have a very active and hard working president!)

And, speaking of the Morley family, Elena Murillo donated the cost of putting an ad in the Gazette’s Discovery Booklet on behalf of the EIPS. That’s $175.00 for a 2x2 ad advertising the club’s existence. Watch for the booklet in the Sunday, Sept 21st in the Gazette. Thank you, Elena.

Monica announced to the club that beginning the next meeting we would be trying out a new 50/50 drawing at each meeting as a fun way to raise a little additional money for the treasury. Of course, this would be strictly optional. Members would donate a dollar and get a ticket with a number. At the end of the meeting, a number is drawn and the “pot” is split 50/50 between the club and the winner! Other proposed projects were mentioned and if you have an idea for a fun project or ways to raise a little extra money, please contact Monica.

Monica thanked club members Larry Thompson, Becky Lynch, and myself for the many presentations given to the club this year.

I mentioned the up and coming Brucemore Landscape and Art show. The club will have a booth there again this year. Larry Thompson announced he will be receiving 14 10”-12” koi, donated to the club by Kodama Koi. Larry has volunteered to house and quarantine the fish until they can be distributed among members. (Again, something Monica arranged)

I painted some Koi on a vase and gave it to Ellen Koubec, who has graciously agreed to present it as a “Friendship” award from EIPS at the Midwest Pond & Koi Society’s annual Koi show in Chicago on Aug. 23rd.

Our V.P., Dave Bell, started our 3-p’s (Plants, Products, and Problems). We talked about products like Green Clean and SAB. Herman Michael made everyone laugh talking about how he finally is happy that his “sh_t tank” (aka settling chamber) is finally working great and his water is clearing. Jo Hunerdosse was willing to give free water lettuce away to anyone who wanted it and we talked a little about how pretty a Mosaic Plant was and how we all need to incorporate one into our ponds. We also discussed briefly how a swinging pH can cause distress in fish, and what to do about high pH.

In conclusion, we had a ton of door prizes to give away. There were great treats prepared by Jo and Gary. It got dark and late fast and they lit some torches so we could enjoy their pond with night lighting. It was hard to leave without wanting to just hang out on the deck with a cool drink, enjoy what was left of the evening, view the pond, and listen to the waterfall.

Respectfully…Jackie Allsup

August 21st

Again, the rain threatening sky, forced us inside the home of Kathi and Hugh Albrecht. We began the meeting with Hugh talking about their 2 ponds. A 400 gallon goldfish pond and a 3200 gal Koi pond are clearly the focal points in their landscape. Kathi hopes to get their backyard on the certified Wildlife Habitation list in years to come. She has also begun the KHA classes with the AKCA. Good luck, Kathi!

I gave a treasury report: Income= 1.75, Expenses = 111.54, leaving a balance of $5354.96 in the bank.

In old business, Jeff Garner, again talked about the progressive dinner and explained it to those not present at the last meeting. (He just happened to re-mention the optional “deck surcharge”, which made members laugh all over again.) Larry Thompson reported the Kodama koi where doing well under his very knowledgeable care. (Well, he didn’t say the last part, I did, cause it’s true) Monica announced that they will be given away in a drawing to be held at Larry’s on Sept. 6th at 10:00 am. There will be a 20.00 charge for each fish to cover shipping charges. The first drawing for the fist 7 koi will be for pond tour volunteers only, while the second 7 koi will be open to all pond club members. You must be present to win, of course. Larry has bags, but you may want to bring a cooler for transporting. All fish must go!!!!

Monica passed around papers to members to begin working on a club cookbook, which we will sell to members and at events. We have a lot of great cooks, (we know from all our great potlucks!), so please share (donate) your favorite recipe for our book. The book will not only contain your best recipes, but little tid bits and information on pond and fish care. The more YOU help, the better it will be. It only takes a couple minutes to fill out her forms and help the club. (More things Monica is doing behind the scene)

Herman inquired about the club donated bench located along the Tait Cummings Trail along the Cedar. Was it washed away? No one knew. Dick Isard said he’d take a walk and find out for us and report back.

Larry Thompson and myself gave a presentation to the club on “Ponds Do’s and Don’ts for Algae” I spoke about the basics of algae and passed some samples around (Both unfortunately gathered from my pond) then Larry talked about his two ponds and how they both are so totally different as far as algae growth. Realizing that algae is a very often talked about topic and in his never ending wisdom, he took a small break in the middle of his talk to read a couple poems he found, totally unrelated to anything ponding. The first was clearly written by a woman regarding her well behaved man; while the second was definitely written by a man, as it was short, to the point, and didn’t rhyme. While I could reprint the woman’s poem, I probably shouldn’t reprint the man’s… so we’ll just move on. It sure woke up members again and made everyone laugh. He finished by talking about “good” algae and that algae usually gets a bad rap when it is very beneficial to our ponds overall health.

Dave Bell started his 3P’s. Larry had also brought in a couple products to talk about. One concerned testing and treating for phosphorus, a main nutrient found in our ponds that algae like to feed on. He also showed the club some new food from Microlift and Ecological Laboratories. One of the new foods boosted contents of various fruits and vegetables. After a little coaxing, we even got Jeff to take a little taste! He said it tasted a little “fishie” but, not bad! Dave Bell told the group about his small koi that was demonstrating a “lock–jaw” type symptom. Janice’s favorite, of course. Very common to koi, he’s going to try to do some manual manipulation to see if he can get it loosened up, but the prognosis is not good as they eventually deteriorate because they can’t feed.

There were no door prizes for the evening, but Pat Bueter was announced as the first 50/50 drawing winner! She won $10.50, which meant 10.50 for the club. Thank you everyone. Pat also brought some guests to our meeting. Past member, Doris Walker stopped in to say hello along with master gardener Carmin Mullins.

Yummy food was all over as Kathi prepared us multiple treats to choose from. It was a great meeting, I laughed a lot and that makes for a good time; except I forget to take notes sometimes when we just have open discussion. Lot’s of member participation make for a great meeting.

Respectfully submitted…Jackie Allsup

Click for pictures from the August 21st meeting

On August 13th, Ken Houtman, president of The Great Ponds and Koi Society of West Michigan and his wife Diane visited Cedar Rapids. Monica Morley and Elena Murillo spent the morning showing them their pond. They also visited with Larry & Erma Thompson at their home.

Click for picture of Ken & Diane Houtman

By Josh Spece

Hosta ‘Emerald Ruff Cut’

Most hostas have one redeeming feature or another, but it is a special plant that has the whole package. In my opinion, ‘Emerald Ruff Cut’ is one of those plants that has all the right things.

Hosta ‘Emerald Ruff Cut’ is a recent introduction that is still a little challenging to find. It is a sport of ‘Sea Angel Wings’. The long, triangular leaves are bright gold and are edged with an emerald green margin. The leaf edges develop wonderful ruffling to add the finishing touch. ‘Emerald Ruff Cut’ forms a medium sized mound with pale lavender flowers in early summer.

Some hostas have it and some don’t. ‘Emerald Ruff Cut’ has it all – bright, showy color, a nice leaf shape, and fancy ruffles. What more could you ask for?

Josh Spece is a long time member of EIPS.

Drawing Saturday, September 6th -10:00 am
Larry & Erma Thompson’s home
131 Rosedale Rd
Cedar Rapids IA 52403

You will have a chance to win one of 14 koi. You must be present to win.

If your name is drawn the cost will be $20.00 to cover shipping. Cash only.

No selecting, but feel free to trade with other members who win koi.

The first drawing of 7 koi will be for members that volunteered for the 2008 Pond Tour: Hosts, Sitters, plant sale and crafters. Second drawing will include all members interested.

You may bring your own containers for the koi, if your name is drawn.

Many thanks to Larry Thompson for volunteering many hours to care for and quarantine the koi and get them ready to go to good homes.

I hope you are thinking of projects for the pond tour proceeds. This is the most important issue for you as members of this club. Get involved, present your idea to the club. There are some guidelines & info required:

You must be a current member
Project description
Contact person
Dollar amount needed
Tax Exempt Number of the organization

If If your are unable to attend and present your idea, please give the info. to a member of the community Service Committee: Jackie Allsup, Deb & Bob Kontz, Rose & Jim Milden. Or give it to a member of your choice to present it for you.

September 13th is the date, Please make the effort to attend.


Are you interested in a club cookbook? If you are, get your recipe cards out . This would be great exposure for the club. The cookbooks could be made available at any EIPS event or even retail outlets.

This will be a pond related cookbook, in addition to recipes, we would like to include your tips on products, food, plants, filtration, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter upkeep. How to pick a koi, health of koi, anything you would like included. Pond pictures would be great.

Appetizers and Beverages
Bread and Breakfast
Pasta, Rice, Etc.
Cookies and Candies
Pies and Desserts

Submit as many recipes per category. Please Print.

Put your name on each recipe you submit.

Please take part in this event. A fun way to make money for the club. They will make nice gifts for your family and friends.

Mail to:

Monica Morley
6702 Spring Cove Court NE
Cedar Rapids IA 52402

E-mail: mespringcove@aol.com

Or bring to the meeting

Turn in as soon as possible. Again take the time be a part of this fun event. Help support your Club……….

10% Discounts

see April’s Newsletter or the Commercial Supporters page.

In the Country Garden & Gifts
Iowa City Landscaping & Garden Center
Earl May, NE side only
Home & Garden Metal Art by A.J.

Update...Good News

The bench the club donated to the city of Cedar Rapids IA in 2006 from proceeds from the pond tour located along the Tate Cumings Trail is still there. The flood did not wash it away.

For Sale

Liner is 30x50, 45 mil and has never been used. Anyone Interested can contact Mike @ 319-334-4368

September Birthdays

Mark Sanderson - 5th
Judy Olsen - 11th
Linda Nolan - 29th

If you would like your birthday printed in the newsletter, email us at mespringcove@aol.com or sign in with the Hospitality Committee: Elena Murillo or Gil Morley.

August 23, 2008

Once again, the club set up a booth at the annual Brucemore Landscape and Garden show. We have done this every year for several years now. We spend the day telling visitors about our club and answering questions people have about ponds. It’s a wonderful setting and the weather was cooperative too, for a change. I wanted to thank the many volunteers that helped throughout the day. Cecilia and Bob Bisenius and Gil Morley all showed up before the gates opened to help set up the pop-up canopy, unload my vehicle of plants and display items, and visit with people all morning long. It’s a lot of work doing all that, and I surely appreciated their time and efforts. Larry Jayne came over shortly after noon to help relieve the Bisenius for the afternoon. Monica Morley, Elena Murillo, and Maria Hamilton all stopped in to help out for a while and visit with people, as did several members of the club. When the day was over, Gil and Monica returned to help Larry and I disassemble the whole display and load things back up. I think I escaped with only buying a weeping cypress tree this year. This is pretty good for me. Despite the work of set up and tear down, I really enjoy this event and look forward to it every year. Thanks again to the many volunteers that helped. They are what make EIPS the great club that it is! Jackie Allsup

Click to view pictures from Brucemore!

Friday, September 19, 2008
7:00 pm


Larry & Erma Thompson, 131 Rosedale Rd, Cedar Rapids
Jeff Garner & Kerry Shaner, 1323 34th St SE, Cedar Rapids
Bob & Stephanie Geers, 3615 Honey Hill Dr SE, Cedar Rapids

Cost: $10.00 per person, which will be donated to flood relief.

RSVP to Jeff Garner: jgfile@aol.com

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Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

Times determined by the Host/Hostess

Programs will be updated as available along with the times of the meetings.

September 13th - Bob & Cecilia Bisenius 5:30 PM
Voting night on where to donate proceeds from the pond tour. Projects will be presented by members. Important night for the club, please plan to attend.

September 27th - Bob & Deb Kontz
Jamie Beyer

October 25th - Herman & Rosie Michel
Jim Durbin/ Bird Feeding

TBD Recognition Night

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